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ProductName:Metal plating thickness tester UTX620
AddTime:2011-4-18 13:46:25

Product Name: Metal plating thickness tester UTX620

Order number:

Optional accessories: no


Detailed description

One, product introduction

UTX620 is an economy, practical, easy to operate by X ray fluorescence spectrometer, suitable for:

1, the larger size of the hardware, connectors, electrical connector plating, plastics, ABS, Mg-Al alloy electroplating;

2, larger size, content of ordinary alloy analysis;

3, plating bath analysis.

Two, product characteristics

1, from K to U rapid element analysis, metal plating thickness detection

2, the detection sensitivity 0.01% to 100%; 0.03um to 35um coating

3, short measuring time, each measuring only 10-60 seconds

4, 15-20 times CCD color system was used for sample image observation

5, in a variety of shapes and specifications of the collimator can be chosen

6, a large window proportional counter, improve the stability of measurement

7, machinery and has the advantages of simple structure, reliable

8, FP basic algorithm software

9, the flexible application of analysis software

10, simple installation, fast instrument

Three, technical indicators

High-voltage power supply

Input voltage


Output voltage


Output current


Output precision



Software automatic detection function

X ray tube

X ray tube target

W target, Rh, Mo, Ag, Cr target optional

X ray tube window

Nylon window

Electrical parameters


Cooling mode

Silicone grease cooling

Service life



Detection range




The detection window

Be,Window area:400mm2

Coating thickness indicator

Analysis range


The first layer of the precision / accuracy

The relative standard deviation below 5% ( thickness greater than 0.5um )

Second layer precision / accuracy

The relative standard deviation below 10% ( thickness greater than 0.5um )

Test depth


Spectral processing system

Processor type

Full digital 32-bit3 DSP

The number of spectral channels

256,512,1024,2048 choice

Counting rate

More than 100000cps

Energy range


Dead time


Light path system and sample observation

Collimator system


Focusing system

Laser focus


Multiple filter (Ni、Cu、Mo、Al、Ti)

Sample observation system

The 3000000 pixel high-definition CCD camera, 20 times optical zoom.

Sample room

Sample room interior space(mm)

(W x H x D):450×160×400mm

Sample size


Sample table bearing weight


The test sample size

W x H x D:440×150×390mm。

Sample table control

Simple manual sample stage

Work bench mobile


Worktable moving precision


Computer and software

Control computer

Lenovo brand T4900V, 512MB memory, 80G hard disk


Lenovo 17 inch LCD Monitor

Operating system

WindowsXP、OEM simplified Chinese Edition

Report results

Word、Excel  format


Coating thickness measurement software, element analysis software

Types of software

FP Fundamental parameter method in software

Software language

simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, other

Spectrum display

Automatic peak qualitative, KLM markers, spectral overlapping comparison

Spectral processing

Total intensity, net intensity, background intensity; the whole area, net area, much element fitting, Gauss fitting; reciprocal spectrum

Data analysis

The basic parameters, basic pattern, without standard sample test, peak position correction, substrate amendment

Weight and size

The main body of the device size(mm)

W 580×H 600×D 715mm

Body weight

About 60kg

The environment of the use

Working environment

Temperature 15-250C,Humidity  40-70%RH

Power supply system

Single-phase  220V±10%,Working voltage in allowed range


1.      Don’t close to generate strong magnetic field, electric field, high frequency device

2.     Reducing vibration

3.      Less dust, low humidity, no corrosive gas

4.      No direct sunlight

5.      As the earthquake countermeasures, to consider the fixed device

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