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I. Our Background
Shanghai Ultra-Tech is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and its R&D center is located in San Francisco, California. The company's coating thickness gauge + RoHS detection instrument UTX850C, coating thickness gauge + RoHS detection instrument UTX750B, RoHS detection instrument UTX750, coating thickness gauge UTX650, etc., mainly serve the electronics, PCB, semiconductor, environmental protection and IT manufacturing industries. The main products are X fluorescence spectrometer, electrochemical analysis instrument, electroplating production line automatic control device and equipment, SMT, environmentally friendly electroplating additives and other series of products. Over the years, Ultra-Tech has been trusted by users for its superb technology, excellent product quality and comprehensive services. We have been committed to the development and production of advanced scientific instruments, automatic control equipment and fine chemicals. As the world's leading scientific instrument and chemical multinational group company, Ultra-Tech has extended its products and services to many countries and regions. As the pioneer and leader of X-ray analysis technology, Ultra-Tech provides overall solutions for X-ray analysis technology for many industries, such as household appliances, IT communication equipment, consumer electronics and electrical equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys and leisure Sports equipment and its upstream and downstream industrial chain and many other fields. In many related industries, UTX series X fluorescence spectrometers under Ultra-Tech have become synonymous with XRF. Shanghai Ultra-Tech was established in 2004, and the X fluorescence spectrometer was gradually transferred to domestic production, realizing the production model of purchasing core components from abroad and assembling the host in China. Ultra-Tech UTX series X fluorescence spectrometer is mainly dedicated to the detection of harmful elements in the EU RoHS directive, coating thickness (film thickness) testing, and alloy element analysis.

II. Products and services
UTX UTX series X fluorescence spectrometers are mainly used in coating thickness measurement and RoHS regulations hazardous substance detection, alloy composition analysis, precious metal identification, etc. . The core components and technology of UTX UTX series X fluorescence spectrometer are directly imported from the United States, assembled in Shanghai, and sold to China and Southeast Asia. Ultra-Tech company not only brought advanced technology, but also established an advanced quality management system. Therefore, Ultra-Tech's series of products not only have leading technical standards, but also have reliable quality and performance. At the same time, domestic production greatly reduces product costs.

III. Our business philosophy
Customer Orientation
  To provide customers with the best cost-effective products and services, and to satisfy customers is our consistent pursuit;
Respect for the individual  Respect and care for customers, suppliers, and employees is the prerequisite and basis for our career progress;
Unity and cooperation   Better quality assurance and service quality, every progress and development of the company requires the joint efforts of everyone;
Pursue excellence  The pursuit of excellence is our excellence The common ideal of every employee.

IV. Our Vision
We always work with our customers to ensure and continuously improve the reliability, safety, and cost of our products and services Gradually decrease. We hope that with our cooperation and efforts, our products and services will exceed customer expectations, and we will maximize our common value.


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