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To deal with the EU RoHS directive promotion lead-free process technology application level
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Lead on the human brain, nervous system, liver, kidney and other great harm, lead-tin solder lead to infiltrate into the soil, to the underground water pollution, but also will lead separation process is very likely to cause other pollution. How to effectively limit the use of lead, has become a modern electronic industry must face an important issue.
According to the RoHS instructions, traditional electronic parts assembly, SMT solder wave soldering tin and lead, and surface treatment process will face major change. Philips, Intel and NEC and other international companies have set up their products or parts of the lead-free duration, and require the supplier to cooperate, but in the global 3C products OEM play an important role in the domestic electronic industry, also will face great challenge.
Speaking of the industry, lead-free process substantially change the existing mode of production, but the present stage seems to still lack of mature technology and recognized standards, cause industry to the smooth introduction of related processes, and can not effectively production, indirect threats to their future survival. At present our country components passive components lead-free effect is obvious, but the active component in foreign manufacturers, resulting in the part of introduction of lead-free progress is relatively slow.
At this stage the EU RoHS directive does not notice lead compounds Standard Test Method for laboratory and authentication mechanism, leading to the detection of numerical difference is large, product testing report is unable to obtain the trust.
Currently available in lead-free process on the PCB substrate is nothing more than 6 kinds of materials can be selected: gold-plated plates, OSP plate, silver, gold plate, tinplate, tin silver copper plate spray and other 6 kinds of plates.
Gold plated plate is the most stable of all plates, but also the most suitable for use in lead-free process of sheet metal, especially in some high price or require high reliability of electronic products are recommended to use this sheet as base material, but its cost is the highest of all plates. The use of OSP board this kind of plank, after high temperature after heating, the coating on the pad protective film would be destroyed, which led to the solder decreased, especially when the substrate after two times after welding the situation more serious, so if the process also need to undergo a dip process, the dip end will face the challenge of welding.
Of silver, while the "silver" itself has very strong mobility, resulting in the leakage occurs, but the" immersion silver " is not before pure metallic silver, but with the organic matter total plating" organic silver " and that it has been able to meet the future needs of lead-free process, its weldability life is more than OSP board. Gold plate, the substrate is the biggest problem is the "black pad" ( BlackPad ) problem, therefore in the lead-free process has many manufacturers are not agreed to use, such as HP would stipulate that all HP products do not use this type of substrate, Dell is also.
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