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The RoHS directive IPC1750 series standard
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As the European Union" in electrical and electronic equipment on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances" (RoHS directive ) officially began, electronic products in the supply chain of many companies need to show their products comply with the EU RoHS directive, do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBDE six and PBB six kinds of harmful substances, and other disabled harmful substances. Now the United States IPC has issued or are developing electronic products related materials and parts component declared norms, a series of IPC-1750 standard.
IPC developed the IPC-1750 series of standard objective is adapted for executing RoHS instructions, electronics manufacturing supply chain material and parts for the direction of customers, the provision of goods, including bulk materials, laminated component, element, printed circuit board assembly parts, containing what substances, whether or not containing RoHS or other regulations limit banned substances. IPC standard on the declaration process provides management program, unified declaration form, the simplified application process, in order to improve work efficiency and reduce cost.
This set of IPC-1750 series of standards by IPC organization to declare process management committee, data generation and transmission of drafting committee, electronic products in the supply chain of more than 50 delegates attended, including IBM, HP, Motolora, Intel and the United States and Japan JPCA Standard Technology Association, and the international electronics manufacturing organization ( iNEMI ) recognition. A series of IPC-1750 standards include the following eight items:
IPC - 1751 reporting process management general requirements ( 2006 February issue )
IPC 1752 materials declaration management requirements ( 2006 February issue )
IPC - 1752-1 material reporting format - 1 to 4 ( 2006 February issue )
IPC - 1752-2 material reporting format - 1, 2, 5 and 6 ( 2006 February issue )
IPC - 1752-3 material reporting format user guide ( 2006 February issue )
IPC - 1753 laminated member declaration management requirements ( also being developed )
IPC - 1754 printed board management reporting requirements ( also being developed )
IPC 1755 electronic assembly declaration management requirements ( also being developed )
IPC has released the IPC-1750 series standard, can be downloaded from the IPC website.
IPC - 1751 is the declaration process management requirements, set electronic products manufacturing supply chain supplier should provide the customers of the declaration of goods to declare rules, including bulk materials, laminated component, element, printed circuit board, assembly parts and other related information, the standard is aimed at the supplier and customers to establish a communication information unification method of.
The IPC - 1751 the provisions of the declaration information electronic file format is Portable Document Format ( PDF ) format, can be read by Adobe. A variety of forms is based on Extensible Markup Language ( XML ) based scheme, by Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) depicting.
IPC - 1751 General requirements ( 1) the applicant information, including the name of the company, contact and contact, the date of application, as well as declared goods name, quantity, manufacturing method and so on. ( 2) the supplier information, including the name of the company, contact and contact, and the response ability. ( 3) declared norms, including the applicable standard specifications and technical data
IPC - 1752 of this standard is specified for the direction of electronic equipment customers with their products used by the material information and data, determines the material information reporting format specification. Standard in the declaration of materials are divided into six levels, according to RoHS instruction and whether it contains manufacturing process information to distinguish. Declaration of six grades : 1 is a material with ( or does not comply with RoHS, level 2 ); material with ( or not in compliance with the RoHS ), and the manufacturing process information; Level 3 is the material conforms to ( or does not meet the ) RoHS, and JIG ( electronic products to declare with joint industry guide material ) status; grade 4 is the material conforms to ( or does not meet the ) RoHS, and JIG status and manufacturing process information; level 5 is the material complies with the RoHS, and JIG and other substances; level 6 is the material complies with the RoHS, and JIG and other substances, as well as the manufacturing information.
The standard IPC 1752 and IPC - 1752-1, IPC - 1752-2 and IPC - 1752-3 the three sectional specification support, before the two are reported different levels when used in the form of a declaration form, after the application of detailed description. If the declaration of 1 level and 2 level material is IPC - 1752-1 and IPC - 1752-2 format, the declaration of 3 level and 4 level material is IPC - 1752-1 format, the declaration of 5 level and 6 level material is IPC - 1752-2 format. In addition also provides application mode, supply and demand business process, reporting information and data checking, approval requirements. Appendix a variety of declaration form sample.
The IPC - 1753, IPC - 1754 and IPC - 1755 standard was considering making. IPC - 1753 is the implementation of IPC - 1751 supplement and guidance, will replace the existing IPC - 1730. IPC - 1754 pin for printed circuit board products, will replace the IPC - 1710. IPC - 1755 for the assembly, to replace IPC - 1720. Electronic products in the supply chain, for the direction of the need to deliver product materials and manufacturing processes information report, is to ensure the quality of products, ensure product safety and meets the requirement of environmental protection measures. Especially the implementation of RoHS directive force is in eyebrow nimble, carry out the declaration of materials must become the electronic product trade in the procurement contract requirements part. IPC standard first appeared, both for executing RoHS instructions provided trade declaration management specification, is also a kind of technical barriers to trade, electronic circuits industry will follow its standard go.
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