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High-quality water treatment products to create market legend
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Quality products go don’t seem to lack market, Duoyuan global water water treatment products in the creation of this legend. Recently, in the fourth China international construction environment is friendly model social achievement exhibition, Duoyuan global water exhibited a sewage treatment equipment, water equipment, and has been leader attending the meeting and the audience ’s attention, during the exhibition, visit and consultation in a continuous line.
This is a multiple products by Repeng market of a miniature. Recently in 2010 China International Water Supply and drainage water treatment exhibition, Duoyuan global water with many exhibits the same appearance, by domestic and foreign, many visitors stop to visit. Multiple companies display area of nearly 200 square meters, exhibits include a belt type sludge dewatering machine, horizontal spiral unloading settling centrifuge, aeration equipment, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, ozone generator and various types of filtration equipment. As a result of the exhibition visitors are mostly from the international water treatment industry professionals, on multiple companies a comprehensive solution, a full range of product categories and advanced technology greatly, expressed the hope that with multiple companies continue to negotiate, cooperation. This exhibition is the world ’s most important and comprehensive display of water and wastewater treatment of the international professional exposition. The exhibition is from the international water treatment and other environmental experts in the field provide an efficient business cooperation and exchange platform.
It is reported, Duoyuan global water water treatment exhibits are using physical methods for processing, avoids the process of water pollution two, achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.
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